Growing up I didn’t have much of an understanding pertaining to true Christianity, in fact, it was mostly a Sunday religion and basic knowledge of what my parents believed from their parents. I was, however, able to capture a better picture of what living for Christ looked like from my grandfather.
My grandpa is the type of old Baptist who is ruled completely by God’s Word. He’s been a faithful deacon (servant/table waiter) at his local church for 43 years. He leads a godly and sacrificial marriage of 50 years. Loves his four children and always has time for his 15 grandchildren. By God’s grace, I got to be his first grandchild and never once have I not seen my grandpa spend a morning without meeting with his greatest Friend in the Scriptures. His entire lifestyle is affected by the way he reads the Bible. But why would a man spend so many years reading an archaic book from cover to cover in the early morning hours?

Fast forward a few years down the road and I began my first day of vocational ministry on August 1st, 2017. Somewhere in between those younger years of watching my grandpa, I had been radicalized by Jesus and welcomed home into the Church. It had come to a point where I decided that nothing was worth more than to fully devote my life to Him. My time, my lifestyle, my money, my decisions, my dreams, a potential military career, and even a safe job went to Him. Now my desire is to grow as a faithful shepherd to His people.

However, there’s a problem with this. What about the worry of seeing the world and how much I’m missing out on. What about the people who’ve called me out and belittled me because of my beliefs? What about the culture today that rejects Christ?

“Wait, you actually believe in all that?”
“You still believe in fairy tales and imaginary friends?”
“You know that God isn’t real, right?”
“God died a long time ago.”
“That’s only for the close-minded and the weak.”
“Okay, but that’s not a real job.”

So is it all worth it? Is it worth the trouble to waste my entire life on something others believe is pointless? Is it worth dedicating my life toward a book that others believe is out-dated? My answer is found in 1 Corinthians 1:18

18 For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God.

Yes, I believe in it. I believe every word of God is true (Proverbs 30:5). I’ve never known anyone like Jesus. When the world says be served, the Savior says to serve others. When the world says to hate your enemies, the Lord says to pray for and forgive them. When the King of kings could’ve come as a conqueror of nations, He came as a servant born in a manger. When the God of creation could’ve left us alone, He came and rescued us personally. Even when I don’t truly grasp my faith, I believe. Even in my apathy, may God be praised. Even in my sin, may God be worshiped because His grace covers all of it!

My prayer is to live a life completely spent for Christ; the way my Grandpa’s life is currently being spent. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else, nor would I want to. I have no dreams or aspirations apart from Kingdom-minded affairs. I’ve come to terms that I would beg to die in His grace than to deny Him as Lord. Others may call it stupid, question my sanity, and maybe assume a mental illness-which from the outside looking in, I would join them.

But I’ve tasted and seen that God is good. My life unto Him.

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