What is a Residency? 


The Austin Stone Worship residency is a two-year program for leaders who want to grow in both the spiritual and practical implications of their ministry.

This program provides leadership experience and pastoral growth as well as musical, theological and character development. In addition to being a part of the Austin Stone Worship team, residents go through a nine month Men & Women’s Development Program.

Learn more about Austin Stone Worship here.

My Residency 

Starting back in August of 2017, I have been serving as a Worship Resources Resident with the worship ministry of the Austin Stone. So far, it has been the most sanctifying season the Lord has walked me through in my Christian journey. I’ve gained a greater knowledge of sound Biblical theology that is vital for pursuing vocational ministry down the road. My pastoral growth is being cultivated and sharpened in ways I’ve never imagined the Lord would do. Furthermore, I’ve had incredible opportunities of leading worship for ministries at the Austin Stone Community Church as well as other local churches.  I’m currently serving under the close supervision of the Director of Resources, Philip Ellis.

Personally, I can remember wanting to pursue a residency for almost two years now and from the outside looking in- I can honestly say Austin Stone Worship is a ministry that is for equipping the local church in gospel content, theology, mission, and expression.

My Partners


The Austin Stone has decided to partner with a mission sending non-profit called Reliant. Reliant partners with missional churches and gospel-centered non-profits to mobilize support based missionaries for the Great Commission.

I will be employed by Reliant and mobilized for vocational ministry at the Austin Stone Community Church.

Learn more about Reliant here.

Would you consider joining my team? 

As much as I’d love to talk about stepping into this Residency, I’ve realized that none of this will be possible without fellow stewards of the faith joining alongside me in ministry.

I’m going to be responsible for seeking 100% of the ongoing resources needed for
the work at the Austin Stone Community Church. I will be completely reliant on the generosity of others’ giving. With that said, a huge part of my ministry within the next two years is building my ministry team before the Residency begins.

From now until July 15th, I’m calling upon friends, family, fellow stewards, and even complete strangers to join my team in making this Residency happen.

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